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Bienvenido a Viajando a Los Roques, C.A.

Camp Ucaima is a charming jungle inn better known as Jungle Rudy's, located in a privileged location (2 km from the famous Canaima Lagoon, on the banks of the Carrao River) for the views and tranquility is a perfect place as a point of departure to make excursions and to fly over the Angel Falls. The situation on the river is amazing and the camp complex a true oasis.

Its location is ideal for lovers of rest and privacy, hidden from the civilization offers incredible exotic landscapes and diversity of the local fauna, we invite you to know this magical place.

The Camp Ucaima is characterized by a dedicated attention in all its areas, offering services and attention of first quality in its beautiful facilities, an environment of good taste, comfort, privacy and simplicity; attended by a staff of proven experience, trained for your satisfaction, demands and thus make a difference.

Camp Ucaima is made up of 5 beautiful cabins with comfortable rooms: 10 doubles, 2 doubles and 2 triples; private bathroom, balcony with hammock, excellent ventilation, ice service and mineral water.

Its charming Lounge-Bar, very pleasant for group meetings, along with an extensive wine list and national and imported liquors. A Panoramic dining room, with a gastronomic service delighted in simple, abundant and very exquisite dishes. In addition, you will also enjoy the Mirador Hall specially designed to enjoy the beautiful landscape and a special place for meditation. It also has a small Conference Room.

The Camp Ucaima offers the following activities: Hiking / Mountain Bike Rental / Natural Pool / Water Sky / Guided excursions / Kayac / Canoe / Botanical Garden / White Shooting / Voleiball Court / River Walk

At Camp Ucaima you will enjoy: Restaurant. Exclusive bar for clients. WIFI zone. Privacy. Landscaping Meeting room. Unique decorative paintings. Large library. Viewpoint with fireplace. Venezuelan food with typical dishes of the area.

The Camp Ucaima offers its services of excursions through the different areas of Canaima, by majestic fluvial and jungle scenarios that vary their channels and landscapes according to the influences of the equatorial climate, which is characterized by a dry period (January to April) and another one of rains (May to December), hiding some of the walks to discover others.

In the visit to the Angel Falls, you will find a refuge consisting of 2 cabins with 6 comfortable rooms (2 double, 2 triple and 2 quintuple with bunk beds with a maximum capacity of 20 people), public bathrooms, a living-dining room with excellent view to the Salto Ángel and the Auyantepui, as well as a grill-based gastronomic service.

The guides will provide information with their extensive knowledge about the park and its natural resources, about the stories and indigenous legends of the area.

In these excursions you can admire exotic birds and plants, as well as the majestic tepuis, where you can enjoy this beautiful area, ideal for ecotourism, very healthy activity, and above all relaxing.

Be an explorer of a place full of natural energy.

Excursions throughout the year

Salto El Sapo (2 1/2 hours):

The excursion begins with a 5-min curiara crossing. until reaching the port of Sapo, start with a hike up the waterfall to appreciate its fall, from this point you have a view of the extensive savannah and you can see the Tepuyes in the distance. Continue the downhill hike along its path in the small jungle until the middle of the waterfall, where there is an entrance to the grotto that forms behind the waterfall, giving rise to a spectacular curtain of water, after walking under the curtain. water, continue with the crossing to the other end to climb to the top and enjoy the landscape, return by the same path and leave the grotto continue to the lower part of the jump to reach a beach that forms on one side of Sapo Salto where you can enjoy a pleasant and refreshing bath, while resting and enjoying the landscape. For the return climb to the top of the waterfall where the curiara takes back.

La Orquídea Island (8 Hours):

Leaving early from the camp in curiara will be a 15 min. along the Carrao River to the Mayupa area. A walk of about 30 min. through the savannah while the boat climbs the rapids, continues the crossing by the river, crossing the rapids of Arautaima, the navigation continues upstream for about 45 min. until you reach the well of happiness, where you stop to enjoy its waterfall and a nice swim in its crystal clear waters. It is continued for 45 min. of travel contemplated of near the plateau of the Auyantepui in all his amplitude, until arriving at the Orchid Island, that is located in the zone of Aonda. You disembark and take a short walk around to observe the varied nature of the island. You can swim in the river and rest and then enjoy an exquisite chicken roasted with wood. Another short break and the trip back to the camp.

Salto Yuri (Duration 4 hours):

Departure from the camp in curiara to the Ucaima port, the jeep crossing is made to the town of Canaima continuing the journey through the savannah, where you will observe the jumps of the Canaima Lagoon and the tepuyes in the background. You arrive at Puerto Verde for a short walk to the banks of the Carrao River and board the curiara to sail down the river for about 30 minutes. One arrives near the jumps of the Yuri by the high part. You will walk through the jungle for 30 minutes until you reach the Yuri-lu waterfall, a beautiful waterfall that springs from the jungle with its cold and crystal clear waters. You can enjoy a bath. Continue the walk for 15 more minutes, until you reach the beach, where you will appreciate the view of the Yuri Falls. On its long beaches of pink sand you can rest and enjoy nature while bathing in the reddish waters of the river Carrao. Return to the camp

Excursions in Rainy Season

Full Day Angel Jump (Duration 12 hours):

Leaving at 5:30 in the morning in curiara upstream to Mayupa, you will walk for 30 minutes and take the curiara again to continue navigating the river, passing by the well of happiness and continuing to Orquídea Island. Make a stop for breakfast, continuing through the rapids of Aonda and enter the Churún River where you will pass by countless rapids, always seeing the majestic Auyantepui from its different angles, observing its shades of colors and shapes. Arriving at the refuge at approximately 11:00, you will walk for 1 hour through the steep jungle through a natural path between roots and stones. You will arrive at the Mirador Laime which is an immense stone that comes out of the jungle, which offers a spectacular panorama of the mysterious Auyantepui and Angel Falls in its entirety. Rest a little and then continue the walk to the pool of the jump where (if the water level allows it) you can take a bath in its cold waters. You will take a well-deserved rest after the strong walk and return to the refuge where you will enjoy an exquisite chicken on the stick for lunch, rest and at 2:30 PM starts the return to the camp.

Overnight at the Angel Falls (2 days and 1 night):

1st day : Departing at 9:30 AM in curiara upstream to Mayupa where you will do a 30 min. Walk, will embark again the curiara and continue navigating the river. A stop is made at the Pozo de la Felicidad for a short swim, and continue to the Aonda area on Isla Orquídea. In the crossing by the rapids of Aonda you enter the Churún River, where you will pass through innumerable rapids. There is a small stop on the banks of the Churún River to have lunch and enjoy a swim. Continue upstream until you reach the jump shelter at approximately 4:00 PM. There will be time to bathe and watch the sunset. For dinner, grilled meat is served and then a pleasant conversation and local history.

2nd day: Breakfast at 7:00 AM, then a walk of approximately 1 hour along a steep natural path of roots and stones. You will arrive at the Mirador Laime which is an immense stone that comes out of the jungle, which offers a spectacular panorama of the mysterious Auyantepui and Angel Falls in its entirety. Rest a little to then continue the walk to the pool of the jump where (if the water level allows it) you can take a bath in its cold waters. You will take a well-deserved rest after the strong walk and return to the refuge where you will enjoy an exquisite chicken on the stick for lunch, rest and at 2:30 PM the return to the camp begins.

Recommendations: Flashlight / Insect Repellent / Waterproof / Sunscreen / Swimwear / Hat or Cap / Light Clothing (Shorts, Flannels) / 2 pairs of Sport Shoes (water shoes).

. The excursions with overnight stay in the jungle are not recommended for elderly people, with physical and / or health problems.

. Children under 6 years old are not allowed on the river excursions unless the representatives authorize with a letter of responsibility required by Inparques

. Important Note: In High Season the walks will have an increase of prices with respect to the result that the quoting one throws (to consult with the seller)

Create your own quote online in the Quotation button located in the upper blue strip of this page.



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Ubicado al Sur Oeste de Venezuela, se puede llegar desde Caracas via aérea (40 minutos) o por tierra (7 horas recorrido en automovil) el Estado Barinas te ofrece lugares y destinos terrestres, acuáticos fluviales y escénicos tan tranquilos y relajantes a los que puede aspirar cualquier visitante. Pero si eres amante a las emociones fuertes, también aquí encontramos un abanico de oportunidades cuyos límites los dicta tu imaginación en una escala que vá desde lo moderado a lo extremo. Entre las actividades de aventura podemos mencionar: OBSERVACIÓN DE FLORA Y FAUNA, SENDERISMO ARQUEOLOGÍA, RAFTING y KAYAK.

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Hoteles en Caracas

Los turistas que visitan Venezuela generalmente pasan por la ciudad de Caracas, acá ofrecemos la oportunidad de hacer una reservación en algunos de los hoteles más importantes de la Región Capital Venezolana: Hoteles en Caracas y La Guaira (en la zona cercana al Aeropuerto Internacional de Maiquetía). Nuestros clientes necesitan tener a la mano la mejor oferta de hoteles en la Región Capital Venezolana, a los fines de planificar su viaje con suficiente anticipación y determinar el Alojamiento - Hotel que más se adapte a sus necesidades: de negocios, recreación o que su ubicación satisfaga las expectativas requeridas; desde tres estrellas hasta los más exclusivos.

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